Phoenix Rising


      Every year, I try to come up with a word that I will use to motivate and inspire me to keep goals I set in my sights. 2020 was pretty much a dumpster fire. Y'all, I literally saw people with Christmas ornaments that were dumpsters on fire to sum up their year. And I'm not gonna was a really tough one. In my personal life and as a small business owner. But I am determined to rise up out of this dumpster fire and fight my way into 2021 like the fierce phoenix that I am! If you want to embrace your inner phoenix with me as we head into the new year, check out this new collections of shirts and hoodies. They will help you keep that phoenix spirit burning through 2021!

      These are currently in pre-order status. They will move into active shipping status January 14th or when we have reached 25 total shirts ordered, whichever comes first. If you participate in the pre-order, you will save 20% off retail cost!

      *These will be available for wholesale soon. So if you are a small shop/boutique owner and want these in your store, head over to the wholesale section to sign up for an account!

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