Shelton Adoption Fundraiser


      We are selling t-shirts and can coolers to raise funds to support the Shelton Family Adoption! We will be accepting orders through August 31st. Please allow up to 2 weeks after this date for your order to ship.

      Read their story below:

      Dear family and friends,
      It is with much excitement and many emotions that we are announcing we will be adopting a newborn child in the future. We have been approved through Quiver Full Adoptions. We have chosen this path as we both have medical conditions that we would not want to pass down to a child. In announcing this we ask for three ways to support us.
      The first way that we ask for support is spiritually. As we know that this whole process is only possible through Jesus Christ. We ask that you pick thirty minutes a day to pray that the paper process as well as when the time comes the placement process goes smoothly. We also ask for you to pray for our entire families as this can be an emotional roller coaster for all, but knowing that through it all it is worth it.
      Second thing that we ask is that you all help us financially. An adoption process may not be cheap but saving a child's life is priceless. We will be holding different fundraisers such as a t-shirt campaign, and if anyone has other ideas we are all ears. We are trusting God that by following the path He has set before us that He will provide every need that we will have.
      Last thing that we want to request is to support us physically. During this time of COVID-19 we understand that this may be the most difficult. We ask that you join beside us mentally, emotionally and physically through this. As we know from others that it takes a village to raise a child. It may be as small as just having dinner with us during the process or bringing over your child after the placement has happened for a playdate.
      Thank you all for all you have done in each of our lives and the things that you will continue to do for us. If you would like for a monthly update via email please let us know as we will be writing a monthly email to update on the journey. We love you all and pray that you will join with us in one or even all three ways during this journey.

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