Color Analysis

I always thought I was better suited to deep, muted, cool colors, but guess what? After having my color analysis done, I found out I'm actually a Sunlit Spring! Turns out, warm, bright, and clear colors are my thing. Who knew? I even discovered that warm metals like gold, bronze, and rose gold look way better on me than I ever imagined.

I couldn’t resist getting the optional add-on for makeup recommendations based on my season, and it’s been so fun to play around with new colors. Now, I’m not saying I’ll completely ditch all the black in my wardrobe (it’s too hard to say goodbye!), but I’m definitely excited to add more of my season colors into the mix.

Want to find out your colors too? I’ve teamed up with Color Guru to offer you 10% off any of their service packages! You can even get a hair consultation if you’re feeling extra fancy. It’s super easy—just answer a few questions and upload seven photos of yourself. Head over to this link, use code "EverJoyBoutique" for your discount, and then come back and tell me all about your results!

Check out photos of my results below...seriously, how detailed and fun is this?!

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